digitalization seminar + Italian team building


A Complete Event for Brain, Heart, and Taste!

You are planning an event for customers, employees, management team or selected invited people, and you want the maximum impact. How should do you do?
Engage brain, heart, and taste!


MatsLewan_3_foto_Juliana_WiklundBegin with an inspiring and thoughtful seminar on digitization, digital transformation, business intelligence, or digital leadership. Listen to Mats Lewan—Futurist, Research Analyst, Journalist, and Writer—one of Sweden’s leading experts in digitalization and future technology trends.

Also, add a workshop focusing on any particular business development area.

When the participants are filled with new impressions and ideas and the content needs to be digested, everyone should get a chance to talk to each other while strengthening the group’s team spirit. Then it’s time for…

Heart and taste:

An evening of teambuilding and delicious Italian cooking is the perfect way to continue the event.

Alessia_Cerulli_2Under the leadership of Alessia Cerulli—one of Sweden’s most colorful profiles in genuine Italian cooking and founder of Buonappetito.sethe group enters a warm and hearty Italian atmosphere. The evening begins with an aperitivo with sparkling wine, salame, prosciutto, and cheese and continues with Italian cooking in groups. Put your apron on!

Feel free to add a wine tasting experience with a qualified sommelier, expert in Italian wine. Or some tasting of olive oil, different kinds of cheese or other selected Italian delicacies. Or all of it!

During the evening, Alessia shares her thorough knowledge of Italian cuisine and Italian traditions with the group, and all along, there is plenty of time for talking and having fun.

When everything is cooked and ready, we all sit down together to have dinner, as in a large Italian family.

The overall experience of the event …

… is an inspiring stimulus for all the senses, where new thoughts and ideas—food for thought—are deepened and enhanced by the pleasant food and social experience—food for pleasure.


The program can also be varied in different forms, ranging from an extended conference with several speakers to the whole event being conducted in a beautiful and inspiring environment in Italy. Contact us at Digitalian for different suggestions.


Alessia BW circle 500Alessia Cerulli was born in Tuscany in a family having its origins in different parts of Italy—Emilia, Abruzzo, Puglia, and Marche—all with their own food traditions. With a background in the PR & Event industry in Milan, and with a passion for food culture, she is the founder of, which since the start in 2009 has arranged and implemented hundreds of appreciated cooking events for companies such as SEB, Nordea, Trygg Hansa, KPMG, DHL, Gambro, Riksgälden, Ericsson , Axfood, Tele2, Swedbank, Telia and many others.

Mats BW circle 500Mats Lewan is an author, international keynote speaker, futurist, research analyst, and journalist focused on the future and on technology. He has been working for more than fifteen years as a technology reporter for the leading Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik. He also started the forward-looking Swedish digital magazine Next Magasin for which he was managing editor. Previously Lewan worked internationally as a freelance journalist, and as a reporter for CBS CNET News in San Francisco while attending the Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford University. Mats Lewan holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and he is fluent in English and Italian, as well as in Swedish.

People say…

“An amazing and inspiring talk initiated by bringing an uneasy and unsettling feeling when Mats in an excellent manner visualizes where our world is headed and at what furious pace this is happening. The lecture ends splendidly where the audience’s feeling of unease is abruptly replaced by hope in that he manages to raise awareness of the enormous and amazing opportunities we have in the radical paradigm shift that we currently find ourselves in.”

Carin Åsen, Head of IT, Dep of Med Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet.

“Thank you so much, Alessia for the fantastic day of Italian cooking and of learning more about the Italian culture and olive oils! I not only learned more about it but will from now on start using the ‘proper’ olive oil. It was a truly fantastic event and definitely a success! Apparently, it was the best team building event so far. Thank you so much as well for sending us the recipes—people have been asking for them—and the olive oil. Everything was so delicious!”

Agata M. Wasik, PhD, MSc, Div. of Pathology, Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.